Honey beauty tips that will completely change your skin

Honey beauty tips that will completely change your skin

In this video, I am going to share a few beauty tips using honey that will completely change your skin

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12 thoughts on “Honey beauty tips that will completely change your skin”
Mamadoo says:

Amazing knowledge.Thank you so much 🙏🙏😘😘✨✨

Wow nice and best video 😊😍😘 i try this remedy

Thnxxx a lot
for the dark circles treatment

dur e nayab says:

Amazing i will use the face cleanser of honey kindly tell me it completely cleanse the skin r can we store it in a fridge r what's the time duration

Is fresh alovera directly from plant Is good for us. I may not damage skin. I don't know about that. Please tell me. I told for my father to bring it for me. Garima sis is it good. For dry skin. Sis I feel my skin still dry after applying a moisturiser. Is lakeme peach milk moisturiser good for dry skin. Present I use Vaseline moisture only. But I have lakme also. Tell me


Nice 😘😘😘😘

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