Golden Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial | Flawless Long Lasting Foundation ~ Maham Pasha

Golden Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial | Flawless Long Lasting Foundation ~ Maham Pasha

Golden Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial. In this video you will learn
🌸How to prep your skin for flawless foundation
🌸How to apply Dewy Long Lasting foundation
🌸How to contour nose
🌸How to do Cut crease Eyes makeup on hooded eyes
🌸 Hairstyle Tutorial
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41 thoughts on “Golden Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial | Flawless Long Lasting Foundation ~ Maham Pasha”
Blue Eyes says:

Niec api plz kidr sy clour krwya bata dain main fsd sy hi ho

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hair color konsa kia

Zartasha Zar says:

beautiful make-up tutorial always mashallaha looking pretty

Khan Aasma says:

I really love ur every tutorial plz koi acha sa hair gel suggest kardain for sleek hairstyles

Very pretty Masha_Allah 😍

Nice video and look beautiful

contour kis clr sy krny chahiee

Aoa.ap ny bhut fast company kay name buty hain.start main sub make up ky name buta dain

Sana Dar says:

Super duper hamesha ki tarha ❤️❤️❤️❤️ap na Koun se colour karwai hy y bi mention kar de aur hair cutt name bi please 😘😘😘😘😘😘

Looking stunning 😍 please haircut konsa krwaya bta dain ??

Plz hair color btaen konsa krwaya hy apny

Your hair color please? looking so cute

Shanzay says:

Lenses n hair colour shade bta de un plzzz n btw amazing work 💕👍

Sehar Khan says:

Oily skin wale b laga sakty h

Qaim Ali says:

Hair clr knsa plz reply

Sara Qasim says:

Which glitter did you use on your eyes? Plz

MashaAllah looking gorgeous 😍

Dress details share kr dijiye ga🥰

Tamsila says:

Hair colour plz??

Your look so beautiful.. MashAllah ..

Main ap ki crazy fan ho..Allah pak ap ko kamyabi ata farmaey.. Ameen.

infidal412 says:

Eye primer kon sa

Gaming stars says:

Lenses detail plz

PaRnia RaO says:

Please hair cut bta dain kon sa krwaya hai meny b asa krwana hai 🥺♥️

JibRani says:

Mmussrat misbah kay foundation ka number shade kiya ha tell me plz

mishh meoww says:

mashaallah goergeous look.. can u plzz share ur hair colour .. looks so nice

summers main meri skin pe make up base lgane k bad paseena bht ata he plzz swept proof make up base bata dain koi

Kaneez Arts says:

Looking so beautiful….

Fatema Zohra says:

Ahh. When you are late to upload video you are come back with a awesome video. Love and prayers from Bangladesh

Musa Furqan says:

Hi u looking fab n blushon number or shade?

Musa Furqan says:

Hair shade kon sa h btye

Hot & Tasty says:

Such a fantastic vedio❤️
Flawless skin😍

Rabia Aslam says:

Blush shade number or name bata dn

Aisha Fatima says:

Sis hair clr bhut acha lag rha ha kindally bata dyn gy kn s ise kia clr

Clear Mi says:

Oily skin k liye koi acha sa primer btayen

Apka hair color just wow pls which color use kiya hai share kara ☺️☺️

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