Glass Skin Routine For Indian Skin

Glass Skin Routine For Indian Skin

Glass skin is a Korean beauty trend, that many people are following these days. But when we talk about Indian skin, our skin is different. In Indian skin melanin production is on higher side, that’s why our skin problems are different.
Our skin is more prone to pigmentation and dark spots because of high melanin
So today in this video I have shared few easy steps to achieve glass skin, keeping our skin type in mind #skincare #glowpink



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Lavanya says:

Please put video to remove moles on face

Can I use multanemetti instead of sandalwood power

Supriya -16 says:

Sandalwood substitute

Nissy Sabu says:

What can I use instead of sandalwood powder

Please make a video on Parlour like facial at home

Zabrdust 👍👍👍👍👍

thnak you so much for this information

Abirami .s says:

Can you tell an alternative for jojoba oil??


After steaming skin becomes very sensitive how can I scrub after steam?

Raw milk… cleansing
Coffee powder+ honey+ jojoba oil … scrubbing
Gramflour + turmeric+ yogurt…pack
Rosewater….alovera gel

rizaa says:

plss do a video for acne marks

How I achieve glass skin
•Firstly I focused on my diet
•No makeup for 1 month
•Natural diy
•Never skip moisturiser
•3L water daily
•Cleanse twice a day with mild cleanser
•Enough sleep
•Protection from sun
•Natural Skincare once a week
Here is my Skincare 👇
1.Oil cleanser(the face shop)
2.Foam cleanser(Cetaphil/the face shop)
3.Scrub(caffeine/the face shop)
4. Toner(the face shop)
5.Essence(Loreal/laneige) once a week
6.Serum(neutrogena/the face shop)
7.Sheet masks (Lakme/Tony moly/Loreal/the face shop)
8.Eye gel/cream(Neutrogena/Laneige/Dot & Key/Loreal/the face shop)
9.Moisturiser(Neutrogena/The face shop/Lakme/Cetaphil)
10.Sleeping mask(Neutrogena/laneige/dot and key)
-Sunscreen (Neutrogena/dot and key/the face shop/cetaphil)
11.Lips(Laneige lip balm and sleeping mask/Neutrogena lip balm/Maybelline baby lips/carmex)

Zain Ali says:

Please tell me alternative for jojoba oil please

Zain Ali says:

please reply mam

Jamini Nayak says:

Mam face main sweat ke liye koi remedies share karo

Jamini Nayak says:

Oil skin ke liye gram flour thik hai kya nehii

Samiio_on says:

What this video both man & women?

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