From Retinol to Sunscreen: 1 Year of Dr Sam’s Skincare! | Dr Sam Bunting

From Retinol to Sunscreen: 1 Year of Dr Sam’s Skincare! | Dr Sam Bunting

1 year.
1 crazy/turbulent/life-affirming/downright-dramatic-but-ultimately-fulfilling year.

Starting my own skincare brand has been a goal for so long that I forget how many twists and turns the journey has taken me on. One day I’ll share the full story of the events leading up to kick-off for the Dr Sam brand in 2018… but for now, I want to reflect on the joy this year of hard work has brought me and how much pleasure it’s been to share it with my hardworking and talented team. Thank-you so much for commenting, liking, subscribing and generally getting involved. It helps us make the range improve + evolve; and we can’t wait to share what’s coming next with you all very soon! xo

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As always thank you so much for watching and for all your support!

Disclaimer: The content seen in this video is provided only for medical educational purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please seek professional help individually if you suffer from any dermatological condition. Due to the volume of patients seen in the clinic, and to the unique nature of skin, Dr Bunting is unable to respond to every query on these videos.



31 thoughts on “From Retinol to Sunscreen: 1 Year of Dr Sam’s Skincare! | Dr Sam Bunting”

This made me feel emotional have been there from the beginning. So excited for new products and cannot thank u enough you have no idea. Really. Thank u.

Badgerjonez says:

oohhh so excited!! Dr Sam..moisturiser without Niacinamide and maybe urea instead? Read a lot about it for its moisturising and exfoliating properties..But anyway…LOVE all the products:-)

An drea says:

Dear Dr. Sam, i really want to try your Products but i am worried about Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, wich is in your products. It is a formaldehyde donors. I hope you can tell me something about it. Thank you.

Dee Dee says:

Love your cleanser. Wish your sunscreen NOT nano zinc & surprised it has Shea butter (thought you were not a fan of that ingredient.

Congratulations 🥳 it’s a shame the competition is not available worldwide but my brother in law is in London now for work and I got him to order me the basics kit so can’t wait to try your products 👏 😬

Congratulations! Thank you for educating me and helping me to have better skin and many other women out there to achieve better skin care!! Your videos are informative and simply delivered. XOXO

Dr. Sam Skin Care Line. Skincare part of life is sorted. Period. I am a customer for life. Thanks for the quality products you are making available for us.

I feel like one of those pyramid-scheme recruits, I keep talking about your products to everyone who will listen 😂 Haven't tried the serum yet, that is a definite priority. Honestly, you did such great work, LOVE it ❤️❤️❤️

deeqa alii says:

Hi, I would like to know if you will ever consider making them available in the shops (spacenk, Selfridges, or liberty) . I have poor postal service. Or can I buy in your clinic…..

Love the range. Would be happy to see an emulsion or moisturizing fluid option for more reactive / oily skin (or for just in summer months) xx

As an Aussie customer, I am so excited for the rewards program! Anything that helps the exchange rate from burning such a hole in the pocket! My new serum just arrived and I can’t wait to introduce it into my Flawless routine 🙂

Hia! 😘😍🤗

missVmilne says:

Well done Dr Sam and team – a superb achievement and wish you continuing success and satistfaction! Just want to point out that using "premature aging" is an emotive catch-all phrase pressuring consumers to think the aging process can be controlled – it can't. Every day we get older – that's a well documented fact. Just sayin' : – )

Ann Thomas says:

help I started using retinol (The Ordinary retinol w/ squalane) 2 months ago, and have worked up to using it 4 days a week. Everyone talks about sensitivity and dryness, but I have noticed nothing. Do you know why I'm not experiencing any changes? Thanks!!! <3

Dr. Sam sorry for asking it here. Can azelaic acid be used with vitamin c plus benzoyl peroxide?

Dr. Sam Bunting, What do you think of retinol use in the early '30s? Do you recommend retinol in sensitive and rosacea skin?

Emerald says:

Dr. Sam,. Is it safe to use normal witch hazel on the face?

Emerald says:

Dr. Sam,. Is it safe to use normal witch hazel on the face?

Marcy Webb says:

Are the products cruelty-free? Also, it's a one-size fits all product line. Have the products been successful for a range of skin types and skin issues?

Hina Bokhari says:

Flawless sunscreen makes my skin oily and not white like demonstrated in the videos, should I put it in fridge as live in a hot country?

meesa magill says:

Just discovered you. Had been watching Dr Dray

im really concerned about the amount of silicones? and also shea butter being so high o the inch list? I get clogged easily and is always told by skin-experts to avoid these.

Ro Ro says:

ok, as a newbie with retinol, i got it somewhere something wrong and got "burns" around eyes (feels like i had some surgery and they made my upper eyelids one size smaller + skins peels just on that part even though retinol was NOT even near my eyes but…. i guess, thats one of a side effects) – what with i can treat that area?
because, whatever i put on now, nothing helps.
bepanthen, baby creams, regular routine i was using before gives me burning sensation so…. no go (vit c, hyaluron, niamicid, peptides….etc). need some advice here pretty urgent. tnx

Is there coming a sunscreen without Octinoxate, and without a whitecast, something with Tinosorb or Uvinul T150?

Elise says:

A year ago, I want to see your retinol serum. Now I am only missing a morning serum from you! Please do a hydrating and soothing serum with Bakuchiol in it!

Izzy B says:

I absolutely love your cleanser and moisturizer!!! I suffer from Rosacea and they are absolutely amazing and do not need to use anything else (aside from a mineral sunscreen obviously!) Please please please do not change the moisturizer and take the niacinamide away, its so perfect as it is 🙌🙌

Ty for making amazing products that are affordable!!!! Much appreciated

You lied about your sunscreen being lightweight and non-greasy. It’s the greasiest thing I’ve ever used. I want my money back.

I love your products!,

Iris L says:

Hi! I started using retinol eye cream over a month ago, almost everyday, once a day. (Glow recipe avocado and now Dr Dennis Gross ferulic & retinol). I only use them at night, then I’m the morning I apply moisturizing when cream and under eye spf cream. I noticed that the skins around my eyes gets very dry by the end of the day, and when I smile it looks like I have fine lines, like it’s cracking almost, which I didn’t have before. Does it happen because the top layer of the skin thins in order to renew? Please tell me if this is normal. It’s also winter times so really dry. Thank you!!

Sé Ga says:

Can you put all your Flawless videos in one playlist ? The last videos aren't in the playlist. Thank you.

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