Eye Makeup With A Colourful Palette #shorts


20 thoughts on “Eye Makeup With A Colourful Palette #shorts”
Bhuva na says:

So beautiful mam😘
I am a big fan of u and urs vedioz😻😽

I'm really confused about which eye shadow kit should I buy? Can you please suggest?

Ajmira Bibi says:

😳😲 Wow you are very nice 👍🙂 amazing makeover 😲 🤩

Isha Sharma says:

Which kit ur using

Tarun Gupta says:

Which eyelid primer u used ??…. Please tell 🙏

Prajpedia says:

Hey, has anyone told you that you look like Kylie Jenner.!!❣

Vaneet Kour says:

Aiyoo Rama……gazab

stunning…so gorgeous…😀❤ I love your eye makeup…😇

Shiv is back with a banggggggg💯💯💯
With her eye makeup game😘

The eye shadow case is so cool

Nice hair color what is it burgundy and which brand?

loved your eye makeup ❤️

Wow 😲 so easy and simple beauty ❤️

Hey, which lip shade is this, looks beautiful on you…

Parul Mishra says:

Oh sooooo…….gorgeous.

Hope World says:

Plz we need thia kind of easy short tutorial

Kina cute says:

What was the base

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