Effective Methods To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Your Face

Effective Methods To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Your Face

Dark spots on face is one of the most common skin problem. Dark spots usually occur on area, where skin produces more melanin than usual. All dark spots are not same, there are 4 different types of dark spots.
First let me tell you about types of dark spots and then depending on the type you can opt for a perfect remedy
Type #1 – Melasma

These are dark spots that appear on the cheeks in a splotch like form. Sun exposure is the main cause behind this skin condition.
Melasma is most common in women 20-50 years of age

Type #2 – Pimple Marks

When pimple gets infected, it can leave a red or black mark on your face after healing.
This skin condition in not related to any age group, if your acne or pimple gets infected, it’ll leave spot behind

Type #3 – Hyperpigmentation

Any kind of injury or trauma caused to the skin as a result of abrasions, burns, acne, etc., leading to inflammation, can later cause the formation of dark spots in that area.

Type #4 – Lever spots

Liver spots are dark spots that appear scattered and in no particular pattern. These kind of spots usually appear on the skin of old people, especially on face and hands.

Now once we know all types of dark spots, let me quick share few effective home remedies to get spot free skin

These tips will not only help you to stop your hair fall but will also improve quality of your hair

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Awesome tips….thnx

Jaya Sri says:

Hi ….How reduce melasma …What i do….Plz tell me solution …


Jaya Sri says:

How to reduce warts plz tell me tips

Kindly nose ky black heads ky leee bhateee plz

Umaima Bilal says:

I have pimple spots and hyperpigmentation so how should I use the remidies

Ruby Verma says:

Hey…are u a medical student???

How to get rid from pores on the skin..

How to get rid of fungal dark patches on face please share a video on this problem too.

Syed Hajira says:

Can we mix and keep lemon juice in refrigerator and use

Plz tell us pores remedies?

very good video, Awesome tips

Make a video on zaira wasim 🤗

Zaheer Ahmed says:

Plz make a video for how to freshen up dull face ?

Kia yeh dono remides ik saath din me istamaal ki jasakti hai?

H K says:

Plz tell me how to remove upper lip hair??

I Sha says:

lemon burns the sensitive skin…and cause hyper pigmentation…don't make fool

Daisy Beled says:

How to get rid from black heads on the face advise pls.

sreeja S says:

1)Lemon. 2)vitaminE

Fauziah says:

Is it lemon juice work out.I try to put lemon directly but I got irritation in my skin

Fahima Banu says:

How to get rid of moles on face

Mam most of them saying that should not apply the vitamin e capsule oil directly on our face

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