DIY Nutella Lip Balm – 5 Minutes! | Chapped Lip Care at Home | SuperWowStyle

DIY Nutella Lip Balm – 5 Minutes! | Chapped Lip Care at Home | SuperWowStyle

DIY Nutella Lip Balm

A deliciously glossy lip balm!

This superwowstyle – DIY Nutella Lip Balm can be made in 5 Minutes, and is the perfect thing for your winter Chapped Lip Care at Home!

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Prachi (Super Wow Style)



34 thoughts on “DIY Nutella Lip Balm – 5 Minutes! | Chapped Lip Care at Home | SuperWowStyle”

so cool definitely I m gonna try it u look so pretty in every video as always btw I love how u interact with ur viewers….always when I see ur videos I feel like ur my beside speaking to me so ur my fav YouTube ever….:)love u loads from hyderabad

Great idea Prachi. But what is it's shelf life? Love the lip colour you are wearing…

OMG!! Boraline is fantastic but I'm going to try this DIY anyway!!

Antara Nandi says:

Which lipstick are you wearing?

ur hairstyle👌
ur lip shade👌
u r👌

vill u pls tel me that sun protection mist name

Ur lipstick shade is so gorgeous
Btw do u use Maybelline baby lips
If yes then which one???

hey prachi plzz plzz plzzz make a video on large open pores , i hv Blckheads bt my issue is open pores 😢

I might just eat this lip balm. 😛

osm videos as usual prachi dii. I will surely try this

ShimmerGirl says:

helpful tho bt u have naturally gorgeous lips :F

Shruti Joshi says:

Hey Prachi loved the lip balm. Also I wanted you to review the Happiness Caged box and is it worth spending the money…!!

trying on new hairstyles. …enjoying

yay nutella.. loved it and ua wearing salwar right ? wowwww looking fab.. even ua hair style… loved it.. a big thumbs uppppp

Athira O.K says:

Chechi…this lipstick shade really suits you

loved your lipstick and loved the idea of adding nutella in lip balm lovved it

Dt one is so yummy… 😋

Manjot Kaur says:

It's awesome … Like dekh ke he apply krne ka Mann ho gya + it's sounds and seems to b soo yummy

i love you.. prachi. and love the fact that you u doing new hairstyles 😘

flora says:

i always get chapped lips!! thank you

FindMe354 says:

Wouldn't the sugar make it gritty? I feel that this would end up feeling like a lip scrub. Other than that, sounds great!

instead of lip moisturiser can I use vitamin C

I will end up licking the balm

Is the Rose water Manditory or Optional?

Adya Singh says:

Well just thinking what would happen if you live in a place where there are ants around …

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