DIY cracked heels remedy | superwowstyle

DIY cracked heels remedy | superwowstyle

DIY cracked heels remedy superwowstyle

Products used here & found on amazon:

▶ Aloe vera: (Updated chemical free version):

▶ Honey (Updated chemical free version):

▶ Glycerine (Updated chemical free version):

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50 thoughts on “DIY cracked heels remedy | superwowstyle”
g shoba rani says:

you taking toooomuch plzzzz stop it plzzz

how to grow eyebrows and eyelashes

how to grow eyebrows and eyelashes

Hai Super wow, I tried this Krack cream but it never worked-the makers must be really crack. My friend suggested using a sand paper and it easily smoothened my soles!

Numao Smith says:

I did tried this and it woeked but I didn't remember if I put honeybee there haha but yes it works really it's amazing it's magic!!!thank you for this that made my feet is now ok I don't have to go to spa.

Anusuya S says:

hai prachi.. I tried this one & it really works out very well.. thanks a lot 🙂

Oh my God it really. Worked I have been using it since a month and it has showed magic nothing ever worked so well..

I am a guy and dont generally get conscious about cosmetic things but I do have cracked feet and this is the first time I am seeing a make up blog. Till now I didnt believe what people said about girls' and the videos they make but you were talking about all nonsense for 1 min 31 secs in a 3min 37sec video i.e. 42% of all time. I dont want to sound like an arse but hope this makes your videos better. Also its not 'extremely affective' its 'extremely effective'.

mam apke dant bhout ache hain

the orignal says:

bhot achi tips hai sach me

Saavi Mane says:

no this wing is not suiting u

iam diabetic patient i also honey or no pls tell me

iam diabetic patients i can use honey or not pls tell me

this is very effective DIY …..😃😃

I used it for my mom and sister
and it worked really well…
it just took 2-3 weeks and their cracks completely disappeared…🙌 🙌🙌
thankyou prachi
tysm 😇😇😮
keep telling us more effective things…
love you 😘😘😘

Can I skip aloe vera gel and use a lotion instead?

nazla rameez says:

It really worked for me n my mom..Thank you dear. .may God bless you

neelam patil says:

prachi please share product for cracjed heels in winters

Prachi di plzzz plzz share some remedy to remvoe spectacles, increase eyesight :/ i eat everything dont use gadgets still 🙁 eagrly waiting

App ku ayi liner nhi lagana atta

No u r cute as usual not ghost. Pls remove these insecurities.

Sky Girl says:

why do u hold up ur breath while talking?do u recall the dialouges on breath?

Wasim Khan says:

Em new here,but i jst lyk u 😍

Dolly Shinde says:

Really liked ur videos luv uu prachi..

JeanM M says:

video cut off right street you put sock on. how do you keep it on? all day? How many days? Thanks!

v creation says:

Just need help… I tried bleach on face… And when barber removed that I found my face blackened…. I take prescriptions but no result …help prachi dii 🤐🤐🤐

raji krish says:

Hello mam, can u plz do review on plum and skin cottage products?

Very effective…thank you

Ambika Meena says:

I love ur hair di……..

Gonna try it definitely

Nepal Sorout says:

Nice 👌 very helpful for my mom

For how long we should keep the socks on?

This DIY amazingly worked. I applied DIY for 5-6 days on daily basis as suggested process and cracks almost gone.. thanks Prachi

BUSTER says:

well you should take that stupid stud out of your lip your really going to regret it, it screws up your teeth and gums,also your english needs work

Rekhaa Gulia says:

Gylcrein ki jgh or kuch use kr skte h

If we dont have glycerin..
Substitute of that..??

I like ur language style

Actual video starts at 1:37

rama rama says:

Glycerin place coconut oil use chyavachha

Is mixture main Allovera add nai krna..just heels pr apply krna hy separate ???

Hey prachi I love you🌹❤

Save ur time 😂😂

Just tried it last night and the result is 😍😍😍
Am sure if I did it for 2 more days there'll be zero cracks. ☺😇
You don't know prachi, how much you are helping me n my cousin with your remedies.😘 Every time we meet, we definitely talk about your remedies, n wonder how come all her remedies work like a miracle with soo simple ingredients. There's no such remedy of yours that we tried and failed. Can't wait to show her the result of this remedy. 😇💚💚

I'm again watching this video after 1yrs as it helped a lot, but i forgot the proportion of mixture.

I mean wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……guys just take time n try this…. This is a bloody miracle❤prachi❤

Red Mi says:

Sis does it give burning sensation ?.
Applied for 2 days but on the 3rd day it's burning alot.
Plz reply sis

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