DEWY Base In 5 Easy Steps #shorts


14 thoughts on “DEWY Base In 5 Easy Steps #shorts”

This is so helpful ♥️

Almas N says:

Woww gorgeous👌👌👌

Beena Singh says:

Hi shivangi pls suggest flat foundation brush .. thus was only left .. I purchased all my brushes onlyyyy after watching your videos… all brushes are working fab ….:)

Hi, Can you suggest me Hypoallergenic, non- comedogenic or sensitivity tested eyeshadow palette. Whenever I do eye makeup my eyelids swollen bad. And it's that bad I have to see dermatologist. See if you can help. Thanks😊

Wow 😲 u looking so pretty 🦋 diii 🤗☺️🌹

F A says:

Mam can you please tell the nailpaint color you are wearing

Which concealer brush uh used??

Thank u my sister😚😊.
Amazing dewy skin in just 5 steps.

Ajmira Bibi says:

Unbelievable amazing makeover 🤩😍

Which liquid blush is that?

Hi.Is Colorbar Spotlight Illuminating Lotion worth the money?

A sach a beautiful girl❤ in this earth🌎

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