Deep Pigmentation Night Treatment At Home

Deep Pigmentation Night Treatment At Home

In this video I will share a night treatment that will remove all dark spots, acne scars from your face.
To do this treatment you have to follow 2 easy steps. Make sure before starting this treatment your face is clean and dry #skincare #glowpink



10 thoughts on “Deep Pigmentation Night Treatment At Home”

Sensitive skin use kar sakte h??

Jyo Jyothi says:

Can we apply on hands

Jayasree says:

We can use rose water as toner

mam can we use anything instead of apple cider vinegar

giya bbb says:

Alternative for apple cider vinegar ?

Khatija Aqoo says:

Can you please make a video on Removing hair of body please🙏

Aishu&Ashu says:

Apple cider vinegar is good for face mam??

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