ColourPop Making Mauves Palette | Lavender Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial

ColourPop Making Mauves Palette | Lavender Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial

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Sigma eyeshadow base primer – ignite

ColourPop making mauves eyeshadow palette

Lavaa Lashes mischief

ColourPop eyeliner – crybaby

PUR love your selfie foundation

Hourglass nude bronze light bronzer

ColourPop blush – catch my vibe

ColourPop lunch money highlighter

ColourPop lippe stix dream date

Dose of Colors lip gloss – can you not


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E25 (blending brush)

E68 (large angled brush)

E33 (baby blending brush)

L04 (tiny highlighting brush)

Mr. Chase – Wild Cherry –


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My Microblading Experience

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

How to get Beautiful Natural Lashes


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Use code ANGELABRIGHT for 10% off

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Filming camera & lens

Filming lights

Are your eyebrows microbladed?
Yes! Here’s a whole video on my experience

What do you use to prime your eyes?
I typically use a concealer (like Tarte shape tape) and I set that with a translucent powder.



35 thoughts on “ColourPop Making Mauves Palette | Lavender Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial”
Luba Zak says:

In Colourpop I love Give it to Me Straight,
Yes, please (those two are some of the OG pallets), Dream St, Going Coconuts,
Lilac U a Lot, Flutter By and I just bought this one just because I am a mauve and purple fanatic, even though Flutter By is similar. It does have more of a mauve vibe and some browner shades, also a pressed glitter, which I will ever use.
I also love Blush Crush except hate the fast that there best dark mattes have glitter which falls all over the face. I heard you can tap them off once you put them in the brush. Hope that works.

Kali says:

I’m feeling like I want to switch out my Huda Beauty New Nudes pallette for this one. The Huda pallette has too many colors that just look brassy on my fair skin. This one looks perfect and I love Colourpop!

J squirrel says:

🐿💕 got it. Copied yours. Added a tiny Super Shock Shade in Haze. It was beautiful with a rose; brown, and cream sweater. Still thinks it looks best on your blues eyes. But that could be jealously speaking. 😂💕💕💕

Billie Bang says:

Your so cuuuuutttteee !!! I love colourpop!! So glad I found you….. bout to check out more of your videos.

Divine Touch says:

Absolutely love the look!! You gots skillzzzz!!

rechelle ivy says:

Soft and beautiful! I love colourpop lippies, lip gloss and brow products

Andrea P says:

Yes, I love this look! So pretty!

squeakco says:

So pretty! Just got Making Mauves. Had to wait for the restock, cause I hesitated when it first came out! Here looking for look ideas. Thanks!

Carrie Jo says:

Thank you for pronouncing it correctly hahahaha. Beautiful.

Mystia says:

I bought the palette because of this video, but it's completely different! They must have changed the formula or something. It's way more neutral color. Not alike in the slightest. :[

Rose Mist says:

Your makeup looks so beautiful, it’s more cool toned than I saw in other reviews and I like it. I need to try it. But first I need to order it🤣 never mind.
Thank you for video ❤️

This is awesome! I love cooler toned make up and this is nice and soft for a neutral look and wear able

Looks so cute.. love it 😘

Kaur Rana says:

I love this eye look!!

Beautiful colors and beautiful tutorial, THANKS.

Can you do a tutorial with the merci bouquet colors. And just those two or maybe those two and one to two more?

I'm obsessed, love the look. I really enjoyed this tutorial. Thank you.

When I feel uninspired, I always consult your videos on what to do with the palettes I own 😂😂😂

You need to collab with Colourpop soon!!!!

Вот оно. Очень идёт макияж в таких нежных тонах. Именно ваше💞

Alyssa says:

Just wanted to say you're amazing with your directions in your tutorials. You're really helping me figure out this eyeshadow thing lol

Donna QC says:

Such a beautiful palette! I love that Marquee shade! They all blend so well!

Zara S. says:

My palette's colors look completely different. They are all very grayish and understated. What is going on?

Vicki Noble says:

LaCroix Hi-Biscus is one of my absolute favorite flavors. Totally unexpected and so yummy.

snurfbee58 says:

Omigoodness, so pretty!

I just got this one – so pretty! My favorite is the High Tide palette – I love it so much!

J Wag says:

These colours looked amazing on you! xx

Tee Louise says:

OMG so pretty!😍🤩

Phoenix Rose says:

This might be the first time I've watched a tutorial for a pallet I actually have and I'm ✨LIVING✨ for it!

I looove La croix. Love the look Angela! 💜💜💜

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