Blonde Hair Into Brown Hair Utilizing Filling Technique | Kenra Color

Blonde Hair Into Brown Hair Utilizing Filling Technique | Kenra Color

How to transfer a level 10 blonde hair to level 6 brunette hair in two easy steps utilizing a filling technique by Mirella Manelli.

00:00 Introduction
00:31 Sectioning
00:50 Fill formula
1:08 Fill formula application
2:36 2nd formula and highlight application
5:49 3rd formula & application
7:34 Styling using Kenra Platinum Signature Style Formation Mousse 14 & Veil Styling Crème 1
8:36 Final result & recap

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How To Transition Highlight Client Into Balayage Client Using a Foilayage Technique:

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Blonde Hair Into Brown Hair Utilizing Filling Technique | Kenra Color

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32 thoughts on “Blonde Hair Into Brown Hair Utilizing Filling Technique | Kenra Color”
elena mill says:

Very pretty! Thank you!

Good Job I need that.😉👏🏻

I love all Mirella's videos!

ainospc says:

Me. Encanta! Super bonito trabajo

so beji says:

Thanks i love you 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩❤❤❤❤

Gladys Yo says:

Love all your techniques

Ana Mal says:

Great work!
Thank you .
Love your work.!

Great color transformation. Filling is sometimes a little tricky, but you showed us how to do it propery. I love this mushroom-like color, it's in trend right now and looks amazing, only a great colorist can do.👍It was a good idea to preserve some of the filling color as highlights and shine gloss it with clear.
😄 I'm sure a real client would ask for repeating it after 6 weeks.

Why not fill the hair in properly with copper first and then go to level 6 with a bit of ash added in. It would still take you the same time as what you did now. Also would not do highlights again (they look gray now) as she already had blond hair. Why not pick the lighter hair out and separate them with foil. put the fill colour (copper) in first. Wash out. and then ad the level 6 + 6 ash in. and then tone the highlights with the appropriate toner (I would use a beige level 8 for the highlights). You would have gone to a more proper brunette. I would not call this brown. It looks a bit mushy to me. If I would be the client I would not be happy with this hair color.

Estera Nine says:

Looks absolutely amazing BUT I don’t really understand why formula 6 is applied in packets since the whole head is covered in that 6 after. Wouldn’t be quicker to do just packets with clear and cover rest in 6? 🤔

Starmane says:

Whoa this is gorgeous! Mushroom brown realnessssss! 😄😄

Have a client that wants to go back brown. What color would i apply on her roots she's a natural level 3and 4 without pulling to warm

Ange C says:

Awesome colour 😊

Well i can used the tecnic of marmorization
I believe the will have same result , u agree ?

Lacyla says:

Love the highlight idea. They always love a little brightness around the face, even when going darker

Shopitybop says:

So pretty! How would you achieve this end result if you started with a client who had level 1 or 2 virgin/never dyed hair with some grays?

I do hair like this 🙂

Its pretty!

T M says:

Hi Mirella! This turned out beautiful! Im curious why at the end when you were putting on the color outside the foils you put it all over the roots first and then ran it through the ends instead of just applying it all over the hair outside the foils. Is there a reason for this?

Lovely result! 💋💯

Yaniiz TV says:

Absolutely love this

Well blended. Need it for the Fall. Much appreciated!

Killed it! Looks amazing!

Lori M. says:

Just excellent! I see so many times hair is ( not filled), so it was great to see this done and explained so clearly with stunning results.

Kim G says:


Angela says:

Beautiful natural love it! Actually one of the best end result color ive seen on utube😊👍

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