Biotique Review _ Hair care, Skin Care, Face Wash, Shampoo

Biotique Review _ Hair care, Skin Care, Face Wash, Shampoo

A Biotique review and haul of some awesome new discoveries that I recently made.

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Products Reviewed:
1. Biotique Cucumber Toner
2. Biotique Bio Fruit Face Pack
3. Biotique Bio Sandalwood Sunscreen
4. Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Serum For Falling Hair
5. Biotique Bio Dandelion Visibly Ageless Serum


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29 thoughts on “Biotique Review _ Hair care, Skin Care, Face Wash, Shampoo”

I just love it's cucumber toner… That's my holy grail! 💕

R 96 says:

Prachi, What is your take on people claiming biotique to be a bogus due to the fact it doesn't list all its ingredients?

I'm 18 yers old.. So can i use this serum on daily basis?

good vibes and biotiq product which one is best skin care plzz reply di

Can u tell me the best product for getting a glowing complexion

Achira Roy says:

Does biotique products contain parabens?

saurabh soni says:

First time I use biotioq shampooo and it is so hard after wash my hairs r like zhadu

Which is better khadi or biotique🙄

Bio cucumber works well. Skin becomes clear nd fresh…best use at night before sleep

I am loving bio sandalwood 50+ spf/ uvb sunscreen , bio papaya facewash with s rub, bio fruit whitening , dipigmentation and tan removal face pack and many more things .. they all are best ! I am loving biotique more than the body shop now

Which one is good for DIY biotique or good vibes?

I have used boitique toner

I have used biotique hena leaf shampoo and it is great😍😍my hair before was too frizzy but now it's so smooth and shinny…it has been almost 6 months plus I use the biotique honey toner another beautiful product and lastly the morning nectar location it so a awesome product leaving your skin so soft👌👌👌

Bitinique which shampoo is best?

Asha Singh says:

Hi, can i use ponds superlight gel which is having hyaluronic acid or nevia soft cream over this serum ?? Please reply.

Hi di, im 18 years old can i use this face cerum ?

Hey Prachi, I have used biotique's bio white face wash it's really nice. But the conditioner bio watercress is just useless it is gel based and does not do the work of a conditioner

Let me know one thing, Biotique serum(450) is good for dry sensitive skin or not..?

Rita Panchal says:

You are copy to Bani

Biotique neem face wash
Please please review this product ☺

all great proud products

U talk so nicely Prachi🥰

Hi di… I'm using wow onion range…. How it is dii…. Say me ur opinion plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz

Dude you look like Radhika Apte👀


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I have been using Biotique shampoo for the last 9 years and it makes my hair look and feel really good.

Evan Marwein says:

The thing about this biotique sunscreen is that the brand doesn't mentioned all the ingredients that is in the sunscreen and well!! costumers have every right to know what they are going to put on their skin..

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