Best Sunscreens of 2022 | Best Sunscreens in India #nonsponsored Fridays

Best Sunscreens of 2022 | Best Sunscreens in India #nonsponsored Fridays

Best Sunscreens of 2022 | Best Sunscreens in India

Medical Sunscreen –
Solasafe sunscreen Gel :
(lightweight, sunscreen for all skin types, perfect before makeup)

Water Based Sunscreen for oily skin & those who sweat a lot:
Aqualogica Glow+ Dewy Sunscreen:
(safe for all skin types, multiple layers of protection, my personal fave!)

Mineral Sunscreen –
Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Sunscreen :
(Mineral based ingredients only, available for various skin types)

All the above sunscreens create no white cast, and the first two are best for oily skin. The last one is safe for dry skin.


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simra says:

Is fixderma sunscreen gel a gud 1.??

Aap Pura tejaswi Prakash ke jaise dikh rhe ho

Which is the best according to you ?❀

Is sunscreen from Good Vibes nice and effective?

Kajal Kajal says:

U looking like tejaswini prakash

Ishrat Khan says:

Tum to mamaerth ki aunti thi na

I have Cetaphil one is that worth it ??

Lavu Reddy says:

Hyy prachi can u help Me to get rid of scaly legs,,, please i can't able to wear short dresses please help me to get rid of this

prachi says:

Love how she takes us thru guidance prior to listing sunscreens 😍

S Shruthi says:

Hey Prachi, this is the first time I'm actually commenting but a regular follower! Just wanted to know which one of them is best suited for Acne prone and sensitive skin? Please do let me know

Pretty Edet says:

I have combination skin, which one should I go for please,am in Nigeria, will I get it Nigeria,also am new here

Mariyam Anil says:

Hi Prachi
Can you put a review on the crystal hair eraser?

Karan Verma says:

I think you was a participant in MTV Roadies. Is that right ?

Meha Sai says:

mam breastfeeding mother which sunscreen use plz reply

Which is the Best Sun screen for oily skin?

How is Sunscoop suns cream

Pooja Kumari says:

Which sunscreen is best for dry skin in summer??

But the Aqualogica sunscreen you recommended has octinoxate !!

Ediot awualogica sunscreen contains suncat which is the perfect blend of benzophenon,octinoxate and another one I don't remember but thats too bad for ur skin which can enter ur blood stream and if it enters eyes gosh that will show u guys hell….k don't trust me search it

Ashwini Roja says:

Firstly I want to thank you for many many useful and helpful video of yours,
And i have doubt, I am using vitamin c serum( lakme 9 to5) so can I use this recommend sunscreen in this video

abhas sharma says:

You look like better version of radika apte

Goal 14 says:

You looks like radhika apte.. actually more beautiful than her

Happiness says:

Hey can you please suggest something on keratosis pilaris/ strawberry legs.
It could be moisturizer, toner, serum or anything please.
Also tell is shaving good or harmful for strawberry legs..
Please i say again
I have so many mix suggestions here. 😣

Happiness says:

Hey can you please suggest something on keratosis pilaris/ strawberry legs.
It could be moisturizer, toner, serum or anything please.
Also tell is shaving good or harmful for strawberry legs..
I love you channel and i do have alot of faith in you and your suggestions
Help me here
I have so many mix suggestions . 😣

Winnie Ito says:

Is aqualogica mineral sunscreen?

Does this sunscreen improve complextion

Annu says:

De when we apply the sunscreen after suram before suram please reply de I'm confused πŸ™„

Anjali Singh says:

Tum Roadies m ayi thi na..

Mam ur eyes r beautiful

Mam ur eyes are beautiful

amaan asim says:

It has sodium benzoate and vitamin c …these two react to form benzene which is a carcinogen and whch can accelerate aging…… My sunscreen just arrived ,I randomly searched the ingredients list and found this… (aqualogica glow +)

Vidhu Singh says:

Hello ma’am ..Which is water based sunscreen ?? I want to use for swimming..pls suggest

Emil Manu says:

Hi do I need to use a sunscreen when I use a moisturizer with SPF? I use Olay total effects day cream with SPF 15. So do I need to use a sunscreen? Please advice

Shelly gupta says:

Do add Thriveco sunscreen gel in your list which is by far the best one for me..non greasy, hydrating and complete protection.

Amina Z says:

So informative video! BTW I use ThriveCo's SPF 50 Sunscreen . It is non greasy, non comedogenic so doesn't clog pores. Not only this Sunscreen protects from harmful UVA and UVB rays but also provides protection from Blue light emitted from smartphones.

deepthi p says:

I have very oilly t-zone, and get acne when I'm on periods, which one should I use

sania rahman says:

Hey Prachi! The aqualogica sunscreen doesn't seem to be a certified sunscreen and it contains benzophenone-3 that penetrates into the skin and is harmful. Do you still recommend it ?

This was such a great video and so helpful!
Could you please make a video on tinted sunscreen that we can use on a daily basis ❀️

yoga gunapu says:

Is the aqualogica chemical-based or mineral-based sunscreen?

Can u do a vid of like sunscreen with spf 30 like more

The aqualogica sunscreen has suncat de which has both oxybenzone and octinoxate


vinayak paul says:

You look alike Tejaswi prakash

Niveditha says:

Which sunscreen can a teen use with dry skin but sweat a lot

Mam, aqualogic dewy sunscreen is good? because of this ingredients,benzophenone-3? Plzz reply

Kiran says:

U look like ileana d'croz😍

Kesang kwh says:

Please suggest a good SUNSCREEN for sensitive skin .

Wow you're so original unlike those others influencers that starts off with a fake smile, fake voice,fake accent and fake actingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ .. I'm not sure if your recommendation is perfect but don't loose your originality in the coming future …πŸ„πŸ„

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