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Check If Your Mole Is Cancerous or Is A Beauty Mark (Using the ABCDE Rule)

Asymmetry:  One-half of the mole does not match the other half. Border: The border or edges of the mole are ragged, blurred or irregular. Color: The mole has different colors, or it has multiple shades of tan, brown, black, blue, white or red. Diameter: The diameter of the mole is larger than a pencil eraser. [...]read moreCheck If Your Mole Is Cancerous or Is A Beauty Mark (Using the ABCDE Rule)


CAUSES How do we treat hair which has been damage? Two reason why this can be happened that can be Because of External treatments or Internal cause. It could be because of chemical treatments or over processing or over blow drying, that means excessive heat which is given to the hair and very close together, [...]read moreHOW TO TREAT DAMAGE HAIR?

Lipstick Application Tricks and Tricks | Read this blog before you buy another lipstick

Whether you are after the perfect red pout on a nude and sensible smile is something you adorn, Lipstick is a huge part of all our lives! Here’s everything you need to know before you buy another lipstick INTO THE INGREDIENTS What goes into our lipstick ultimately goes to into our bodies? Don’t pretend you [...]read moreLipstick Application Tricks and Tricks | Read this blog before you buy another lipstick

Mineral Sunscreen

Today we’re talking about the benefits of mineral sunscreen now I think sunscreen is such a difficult space to navigate at the best of times and its hard to know what’s the best one foe you so we thought we’d go through six reasons countdown six mineral sunscreen might be the right choice. 6 Reasons [...]read moreMineral Sunscreen

10 Shoes Every Women Should Own

We are talking about the ten Paris of shoes that every woman or girls needs in her closet. I am sharing with you amazing selection of kind of like high-and middle range and then more affordable options as well so it’s just great but I do have five categories that we’ve got heels flats sneakers [...]read more10 Shoes Every Women Should Own

7 Lies About Hair Care You Probably Believe

Whether you’re struggling to tame frizz or losing sleep over lost hair, there are numerous hair care problems that plague everyone. If you anything like us, you’re always looking for a new hack to solve your hair problems. Don’t Pluck Grey Hair More Well Appear In Its Place I can’t begin to understand what is [...]read more7 Lies About Hair Care You Probably Believe

Skincare Mistakes

We bring you the ultimate checklist of common skin care mistakes you’re probably making so nothing   stops you and your skin from looking it’s very best         Tug of War The skin around our eyes, nose and mouth is extremely thin and delicate So it should always be treated gently. Rubbing your eyes when you’re tried, [...]read moreSkincare Mistakes

Myths About Dusky Skin

The Different Seven told that there are a lot of myths going around the internet about dusky skin and today here to find them out If you have dusky skin nude makeup doesn’t work Of course, it won’t work wear something that matches your skin tone or slightly darker than your skin tone it will [...]read moreMyths About Dusky Skin

7 Beauty Tips to survive Winter

Drink Water Water Keeps skin hydrated. Reduces wrinkles and helps flush out toxins. Keep the water keep skin keeps glowing! Exfoliate Exfoliate gets rid of dead skin and helps regenerate skin. New skin can grow and glow. Moisturize Your Body Don’t neglect your body. Moisturize every your help keep it looking healthy!    Lip [...]read more7 Beauty Tips to survive Winter

Causes and Treatment of Hair Loss

Hair Fall: Hair falls and treatments that claim or actually cause hair Regrowth.  The first thing that, I want to tell you and you need to remember is that hair fall is not one single problem. Diseases or Underlying Causes:  There are literally tens of problems or diseases or underlying causes that can cause your [...]read moreCauses and Treatment of Hair Loss