ABH Nouveau Eyeshadow Palette | Soft Lavender Eyeshadow Tutorial

ABH Nouveau Eyeshadow Palette | Soft Lavender Eyeshadow Tutorial

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ABH Nouveau Eyeshadow Palette | First Impressions + Tutorial


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ABH Nouveau Eyeshadow Palette

Haus Labs liquid eyeliner – whiskey

Sigma highlighter – sizzle

The Bright Lashes – minimalist


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E25 (blending brush)

E54 (lid brush)

E27 (small blending brush)

L04 (tiny highlight brush)

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Filming camera & lens

Filming lights

Are your eyebrows microbladed?
Yes! Here’s a whole video on my experience

What do you use to prime your eyes?
I always use the Rare Beauty eyeshadow primer (https://shop-links.co/cgNXPDwjyHy) and I set that with a translucent powder.



35 thoughts on “ABH Nouveau Eyeshadow Palette | Soft Lavender Eyeshadow Tutorial”
Jeannine T. says:

This color combo is perfect for people with hooded eyes who want to focus on the purple shadow. Your brows are always so perfect. Do you have a tutorial for brows?

Looks so soft and beautiful. I need this eyeshadow palette.🎨🖌️❣️

Love this soft, romantic look!

Wisteria is a gorgeous color! Combined with a berry color it might even be a fantastic glam look.

Really like Wisteria!!!

Gorgeous I just when you put up a new video you are so talented xx

Can't get enough of your tutorials! I feel like the eyes are the hardest part and I really appreciate that you zoom in, say the brush you're using, and always come up with new and interesting looks multiple times for the same palette. I also love the length of the videos so I can binge them! 🙂

I swear to you that I am terribly shocked by the nude colors that you have just used I am terribly falling on her charm I really like and adore nude colors because the purple nude color has made me crazy so much they are beautiful and especially the nude colors on your beautiful beautiful eyes you're going wonderfully you are very hot ❤🔥 and you are exceptional for video me you are the best darling ❤ I have a lot and double love and adore your video a huge bravo 👏 there is no your double so I'll tell you at the next video big kisses and a huge hug 🔥❤ 😍👏💙👍😚😚❤🤗🤩💋💘😙

I really like your eyebrows it looking mesmerizing
Keep on doing great job
Stunning video

Gorgeous as always

Sal says:

The lavender shade is the color of my nails atm. I really like it. I randomly watched a video of Manny’s yesterday and he used it in the inner corner area and it looked so good

This look will look great on green eyes too😍

Lia Young says:

This is the most unique look I’ve seen with this pallet. I love it!

I recreated the first look you did with the Too Faced Gingerbread Extra Spicy Palette for Christmas 2020. Unfortunately I don't have any images of it. It wasn't perfect, but I was happy with the outcome. I'm not super good at doing makeup (especially on other people), but at least I do my makeup better than my mom.
Btw this is the look I'm talking about:

Do another look with this palette. I wanna see more of it.

Family Guy says:

Love this purple!

Joan Gentile says:

Love your videos, Angela!! Absolutely beautiful!! 💖💖💖

Julie Ball says:

Angela! You are so good. When I first started watching make-up, I was thrilled to see your creations. I'm 61 and want to have an age appropriate look that is modern. Can you please help me? I have the Sigma brushes you recommend and want to learn to do my makeup with confidence

Julie Mercer says:

Great tutorial and love the colors. Not unusual for ABH palettes to have a lot of fall out. You're end applications on the eyes always look gorgeous and so well blended. Thx Angela ❤️

Love it!!! And, YESSSSSSS, please post more tutorials for this palette! I'm so excited about this new palette! Thanks to you! 😘🥰

Gurrrl! Beautiful look and love going back to the format that made me fall in love with your channel! Great tutorial and under 5 minutes. Boom!😍💕

Sun Shine30 says:

Love this amazing look! WOW! You are just sooo talented! I can see you with your own Angela Bright cosmetic line soon!😊👍

I. Stein says:

More Nouveau tutorials, please!

B DC says:

Like your videos.
If possible I like to know, what you do expired face product specially eye palate.

Jennifer K says:

I am going to duplicate this look tomorrow using Mel's Tiny Marvels palette, God Rest Her Soul:))) LOVE the lavander shade💜💜

Love this look! My palette is FINALLY being delivered tomorrow and I cannot wait to play with it!!!! That purple is so stunning but it just doesn’t seem like it meshes with the other colors except the gold lol! I can’t wait to try it out with different looks!

You are the best!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷

Jeanette H. says:

Lovely look! (The video would be better without the music . . . You have a very pleasant speaking voice, which is enough.)

This look is gorgeous!

Mooi zover je kan zien

Finally practical eyeshadow tutorials with innovative use of colours at the same time not over done.
Thank you so much ❤️

Love this look! Can't wait to try it! 💗

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