5 Skincare Actives that you MUST try Once in life!

5 Skincare Actives that you MUST try Once in life!

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18 thoughts on “5 Skincare Actives that you MUST try Once in life!”

Hey please tell serum for dark spots?

forever says:

Hii prachiii, u are looking like a cutee 🌹 pink 💕👶 baby

Hi Prachii…😊
Can you please tell the right time to start using these actives? I am in my mid-twenties.

Rimi says:

Hey prachi,
Yeh sab hum ek sath toh nhi kar skte kab kya use kare aur kaise ?

What is the right time to use vitamin c serum?

Very useful mam🤗🤗

Heyy prachi im a teen with a combination skin I’ll humbly request you to make a perfect video for ppl like us who sweats alot n have combination skin n also teens I’ll req🫶🏼✨🥹

Pressu Talks says:

Hi dear..i would like to know about plix from you.. weight loss.n skin glow.. please..do a vedio

Bibi Zeba says:

Wow u r looking soooo pretty mashaaAllah…

ਗੀਤ says:

Di mai 3 din se ye face wash n serum lga rhi hoon lekin dark spot boht jaada dikhne lgg gye… Or pimpls bhi ho rhe hai.. Dull c skin dikh rhi hai… Plzz di btayiye mai kya kruuu

Tulika Singh says:

Make a video on uneven skin tone

Sonam Sriya says:

Looking like the sister of tejaswi prakash 😍

Hi di. I recently started using DermaCo 10% vitamin c serum, I use it in the day time and then use minimalist spf 60 sunscreen over it. I have noticed that my skin has started getting more dull. Any tips?

roshni yadav says:

Please make videos on derma co your top picks 🙏❤️

Mehak Goyal says:

By your recommendation I bought Dermaco salicylic acid cleanser and plum vitamin c serum together are safe or not ?

Hey Prachi I follow since a very long time. I would like to ask you one thing can I use the spa cap in wet hair??

Prachi plz do make haul video

Hey prachi, I have been following you since a long time, you look more beautiful with time, would love to know if you're using something other than these serums and want to recommend to your viewers. Also please tell me how to know the right kind of active according to the skin type.

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