5 Minute Peel With Milk That Can do a MAGIC

5 Minute Peel With Milk That Can do a MAGIC

Chemical peels are a very popular skin trend these days. Main ingredients of these peels are Alpha hydroxy acids and Beta hydroxy acids. Today in this video I will share a homemade peels that you can prepare easily at home with just 2 ingredients, and it will give you the same results

In this DIY I am using raw milk, as it is rich in lactic acid. It helps to remove dead layer and at the same time will keep your skin moisturised #skincare



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vyshnavi says:

1st view 1st comment 😘

tq soooomuch maam muje hold pimpal mark kelye kuch crem ya remedi plllllz

Vijaya Gawai says:

Easy shampoo for long, thik hairs
Fast hair growth

Ayesha ayaz says:

Pls sandalwood toner homed batade

Pls koi acchi sunscreen batiye

Pls ur chnnl video in Hindi uplod


Amazing voice ❤️❤️😍

Fatima Ali says:

Can I use it daily?

Rakhi gupta says:

Plz tell me how to remove mole on face ..i'm really fed up ….rply me plz

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