5 common skin damaging habits that make you look older

5 common skin damaging habits that make you look older

Today in this video we have shared common habits that can damage your skin in long rum and makes your skin aging process faster

Not drinking water
Not washing face in night
Skip SPF
Consuming sugar

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14 thoughts on “5 common skin damaging habits that make you look older”
Debomita RoY says:

Very helpful video šŸ˜Š

Uzma Aziz says:

Very helpful video šŸ‘

But doctor said wash u r face before going bed..?

sheela Sancy says:

Habits for a good skin
#1. Before going to bed
remove make up ,wash
face & apply moisturiser.
#2. Don't skip sunscreen
#3. Drink enough water and
get hydrated
#4. Don't exfoliate frequently
#5. Avoid sugar if possible..

Ishita says:

can I suggest something? use a microphone to record your voice (this way ur voice gets clearer)

Very useful tips for skin

JšŸŒžK says:

Could you please suggest me which sunscreen lotion is best

Kindly face wash sy realted plz aware kare which one is the best in our market??

Ek swal or karnaaa haii app sy??

Mujheee apnaaa aritcal send kare plz herbal facial and after facial useng bleach?? Yaaa phr apnii video send karee plz es topic p plz

Bleach ka use kasaaa hai dry skin ky leee ?? Normal nd oil ky lyeee plz reply soon

Is gram flour exfoliate our skin or not ??????

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