3 Fine Hair Updos | Step-By-Step Tutorial | Kenra Professional

3 Fine Hair Updos | Step-By-Step Tutorial | Kenra Professional

Learn how to create these 3 gorgeous fine hair updos in this step-by-step hairstyle tutorial by @ethereahairmakeup:

00:00 Introduction
00:07 Sleek & Smooth Low Bun
03:51 Textured Frech Twist
06:39 Braided Half Upstyle

These braid hairstyles are perfect for prom, festivals, weddings, or for work!

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3 Fine Hair Updos | Step-By-Step Tutorial | Kenra Professional

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6 thoughts on “3 Fine Hair Updos | Step-By-Step Tutorial | Kenra Professional”

Superb….loved it 🤩

Eraldo Leka says:

You are the best ……☺

Preciosos! Gracias por compartir

Thank you, thank you so much. Having baby fine hair it has been difficult to find people that knows how to style it . Thank you so much.

Theresa Guay says:

Love this!! Please do more videos for fine hair . Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

Anto says:

When the model's hair is ten times thicker and fuller than yours 😭

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