20 Days Open Pores Treatment At home

20 Days Open Pores Treatment At home

We all need pores to release sebum and keep your skin naturally moisturized. They are the the ventilation set-up of your skin help it breathe. So one thing is clear, we all have pores, the only difference is their size

Sometimes pores can get prominent due to various reasons, like ageing, more exposure to sun light, clogging of pores etc…

But no need to worry, you can always unclog the pores and minimize them

In this video, I will share few remedies and products that can help you to minimise enlarged skin pores faster #skincare #glowpink



29 thoughts on “20 Days Open Pores Treatment At home”

Plz dry skin open pores remedy share

Plz suggest solution for acne marks on face

Plz share some suggestions for facial hair

Sonam Yadav says:

can we use daily face pack I've not apple cider so what i can use behalf of this ingredients pls tell me

V v v nice channal and very good tips whole the world

This will touch millions

Juli Akther says:

Plz sencetive skin open pores remedy share

Hi when we directly apply coffee powder in our face it's harmful or not

Or skin our skin ok with that aa

deepsaro says:

Apple cider vinegar is bestest for open pores problem

Natasha says:

Many doctors says shouldn't use apple cider vinegar directly on face.

share video on Pigmentation plz

Parvez Sumon says:

Can anyone tell me which is the right age of using niacinamide?

Saranya Ammu says:

Indusvalley bio organic sandal wood powder are good

Zãhrä says:

How to cleansing the face?

MaShaAllah 🙂😍🙂Thx a lot 🙂❤😍

I'm just here to get know whether it's work or not 🙃

Sadaf Awan says:

Tell about dry skin open pores

Braggs Apple Cider has strong smells bcoz its in the organic concentrated form..i cd tolerate drinking it raw even as my morning ritual & in cooking..but no way am i going to use it on my face as toner before moisturiser unless i cd leave it on for few mins & wash it off wt water..

I used a diy lip mask using turmeric powder and curd. My lips turned darker. Now I am struggling hard to reduce the darkness 😩

koonj Fatima says:

🙂use ice cube u will get rid of skin pores

Bhat Hafeeza says:

Nicinamide ki price Kya hai plz koi bataye

Iris Zhang says:

I believe in the comments more than the video 🙂🤣

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