17 Period Hacks + hygiene and Care: Every Girl Must Know | SuperWowStyle Prachi

17 Period Hacks + hygiene and Care: Every Girl Must Know | SuperWowStyle Prachi

17 Period Hacks hygiene and Care Tips, How to clean youraelf, how to wash etc – tips and tricks to survive periods that every girl must know.

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▶ Apple Cider Vinegar: https://amzn.to/2ZNDzkt
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48 thoughts on “17 Period Hacks + hygiene and Care: Every Girl Must Know | SuperWowStyle Prachi”
greeshma b says:

really helpful… and also i would like to have a video related to how to trim your hair in vaginal region.. Safely.. Without causing injuries

Divya Sharma says:

For rashes switching to menstrual cups is the best choice that I have taken

She’s a better version of Radhika Apte!

Namita Singh says:

Just love how you show examples for everything you explain ♥
You are love 💕

Antara Paul says:

You are the best. Love you sooooo much.

How can people even dislike this video?! I mean.. Come on! She has explained in such an informative and detailed way.
I love your videos, Prachi! And thank you for yet another amazing one. ❤

Prachi u look great in long hair loved to see u back with long hair and hope to see u the same hair length u had before in past i love long hair styles u did

Can you please mention the brand of sanitary pads that you use please? Thank you for sharing these hacks

Mounika Goru says:

Video + my experience =>
1. Dahi (curd ) is very good for. Health if you don't like it, try it in different ways like lassi, curd rice, buttermilk, dahi vada . Prefer natural products rather than artificially made tablets.
2. Lime water is pretty useful rather than apple cider vinegar. If u want to take apple cider vinegar just take it without touching teeth.
3. Consult gynecologist without hesitation regarding period problems.
4. Vaginal discharge should be transparent otherwise there is a problem( infection) you should consult a doctor.
5. During periods, one need thick cotton panties that too light colour .
6. Change napkins for every 12 hours if u find it expensive use napkins ( link provided in description box) which are less expensive during when there is less bleeding.
7. Better use menstrual cups only if u feel comfortable.
8. When you are suspecting periods and it is not coming, just use panty liners to avoid any accidental leakage.
9. After using sanitary napkin roll or wrap it in a newspaper and put it in a plastic cover and then threw it.
10. To maintain hygiene, wash the toilet seat before and after you use, use sanitizers for better health.
11. Use tissue papers after bathroom , keep it in wardrobe in washroom.
12. Don't wear tight fit jeans and tight leggings ( only if u feel comfortable then wear it)
13. Keep track of your period dates if it has 1-2 days difference it's okay if it has 1 week difference for 3 – 4 times, consult doctor.
14. Pour 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and Dettol.
My experiences for reducing pain
1. Massage pure coconut oil on the area where it's paining.
2. Take black jaggery ( thaati bellam) along with husked gingelly oil(pappu nune) before 10 days of menstrual cycle or date.
3. Put little amount of zandu balm on back side of stomach, massage and then sleep.
4. Take sugar water.
5. Take one meftaspas tablet .
At a time you can use any 4 methods.
You can use any of these 5 methods but one point should remember that is after using any these techniques just sleep for about 1 and half hour to 2hours otherwise there will be no use.

My skin down there is very itchy and irritated i use to clean it properly to what to do plsss help me plss help guys

Ashleen Kaur says:

I get puss filled boils on vaginal area when i trim my hair…plz help??

rock star says:

Did u hv speed up your videos

me on my period right now

when i was in 11th grade i didnt get my periods for 7 months straight. and when i got it was so painful i cant even describe in words. later in college i used to get after 2-3 months. but now after ive started to take care of what i eat my periods are regular. still i think i should go to a gynecologist for a proper checkup.

yesha patel says:

Hi Prachi,
Really nice and informative video.
menstrual cup is really good. Once you will be used to it you will feel uncomfortable with pads. Yes it takes time in my case it's take 3 month. But now I am use to it.

One more thing i am using wow cup but due to some reason I got another cup from other brand. But it is not same as wow cup. Please order good quality cup. It is one time investment.

Thank you Prachi !! But the question I have is about the hairs there //

As a virgin can I use mensural cup…. As I have a doubt that it hurts me

Guide on cramps ….1st and 2nd day of cycle…. kindly do the video

Pratiti Garg says:

Lemon is not suggested in periods …

Bushra 5901 says:

You are amazing ❤️

Itd really helpful.. but I am having protein allergy. So can't consume any product containing protein, can you please recommend something as substitute??

mansi goel says:

Its better to use dettol or savlon in your bath water and do wash your undergarments by using the same …thanks for this informative video di..i appreciate your efforts

mansi goel says:

Baby powder can also help up with rashes.

Aleesha Khan says:

Very helpful 👍 U look gorgeous❤ lots of love n respect from pak♥

Simran Kaur says:

Apple cider se brest size to nhi bdhta pls rply


As a teacher, I need you recommend this vedio to my students.

Forgive Me says:

07:30 MCup kya virgin ladki le sakti hai?

Prachi Di…Its so good of you to post such kind of helpful videos….Especially for teens like me…Unfortunately…We don't get that kind of face-to-face talking with our mums regarding these topics..Thank you very much

Prachi watching this now but trust me ur the best in every video u reach our hearts and this is the most open and comfortable video thank u so much!! Ur way different from all youtubers who just show expensive products n we don't even connect to such things .. but urs is so close to heart & reach to all of u s.. loads of lov 💝

Black Devil says:

This stupid boys problem of opening girls bag without girls permission I also have in my group also boys are there and they are also so stupid

Khushbu Vora says:

Thanks u dii for sharing.
This is really useful.❤

Hi your vedieos very helpful

Thank you so much Ma'am for explaining every detail we should know about…. Thanks a lot😘😘😘

Thanks for sharing this informative video.U felt like an elder sister advising her little sister.

What ever you speak talk little slow

Cathy Morgan says:

Your video is very helpful… I wish I had something like this when was a girl… Good job on your delivery .. Very polite .. Very informative.. Classy like u said … Integrity .. Doing the right thing when noone is in the room… Very well done my lady…

Miss. Prachi says:

I luv ur short intro and videos too

Hii i need ur help i have pcod problems soo what can i really do to get cure

How to lighten bum area because of rashes or normally

I can't find period panties in clovia😔😔

Katelyn says:

Please note that LEMON JUICE in HOT WATER (from boiled) is much better than Apple Cider Vinegar and much easier to drink down.

Wow 😍 😍 😍 😍 you're amazing 💗 literally took my heart after watching this. Brilliant. You explained really well😍❤️

Very very helpful, this is the first time I am seeing a woman talking about these things so freely, proud of you..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Rohit Singh says:

Di aaj mere periods huye thanku for this vdi

More videos like this only

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