This time I want to share some pretty awesome DIY toys ideas with you my friends! Not only they fun but also incredibly helpful! You can make anti-stress ball using plain toothpaste and balloon, create kinetic sand at home, spinners, kirigami card and of course let’s not forget good old art therapy which is always greatly helpful!So don’t worry, be happy!

Here’s an awesome recipe for kinetic sand. 3 cups of sand, 2 cups cornstarch, 1 cup soapy water, mix it together. Then divide into equal portions and add some food coloring to each one.
And in case you’ve been wondering how to make GIANT SLIME, here we go! PVA glue bottle, liquid detergent, food coloring, sodium tetraborate. Voila!

Here are some weird yet pretty helpful hacks you have to try!I’ll show you how to make your own pair of home shoes using only cardboard and glue gun, make toy guitar for your kids or siblings, game wheel, cool bookshelf from shoebox.

You can make table football out of a simple shoebox. It’s simple as that, all you need to have is an old cardboard shoebox, pair of scissors and some paint.

Cute aquarium in a jar. Simply find several empty jars and fish toys or Disney princesses figures, anything to your liking.

Or you may invent your own secret hiding place behind the books, smartphone projector, phone speakers and cardboard photo frames.Let’s get going!


0:36 GIANT slime
2:51 Spinners DIY
4:45 Cute rabbit toys
7:49 Relaxing pad for your arms

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Did you want to have an aquarium with fishes for a long time? After all, fish are living things, and you will need to watch and take care of the aquarium: the state of water, light, temperature … Well, just look at the hack at 5:55! These jars will decorate your house no worse than a real aquarium! And they can be left for at least a month and do not worry. Because while you are on vacation, they will not need food 🙂

The first one is bad because it popped in my car

l like slime yay and my elf

Marika P says:

The slime is very big i liked <3

Was the first one legit? It will change colors?

Anielka C says:

I love that bunny thing

I the thing is that some of these crafts you really can’t do without parental support

_Toca Blitz_ says:

The fact that they didn't poke the slime makes me wanna unsubscribe 🙄😒


Am I the only one who like only watch’s these and doesn’t do them

I’m looking for diy pop it or globbles pls!

iibee says:

Who’s really gonna waste toothpaste at this time and it probably gonna pop 0:25 and all the other necessary stuff you need for every day

Ppffffft yeah coz we all just have a FRIKIN SPIINER laying around our house

Oceans says:

I did the bunny one for a b-day gift for my baby brother and he riped its head off👁👄👁

Just_CC ! says:

Can I get a Owa Owa?


Why am I putting toothpaste on my face at 2 in the morning?

I put toothpaste in a ballon…
1: it was STANKY
2: it popped all over me

Beautiful nutella slime

alexa sofia says:

Q suerte a todos los q tengan slime

Vinegar and wheat flour makes something really good

It's all fun in games until you are squeezing the tooth paste balloon and it suddenly pops all over you.

Ugly hooman says:


moTo5427 says:

How many fidget spinners did you have to destroy to make a fidget spinner?

5 minutes the basure 🙂

Kc Colhoun says:

Why 5 minute crafts needs to be stopped :bad content bad ideas don't talk

The dark pink slime made your counter a dark pink stain

Ja ten pierwszy gniotek kiedyś zrobiłam to pękł po 5 min nie polecam

anna buchner says:

bei dem fitget spinner schritt eins einen neuen kaputt machen

Is this why my toothpaste ran out

Diya mation says:

I love 5minute crafts ever

Ania Dance says:

robiłam balon i do środka pasta do zębów bardzo fajne ale po jednym dniu się rozwaliło

a n g e l says:

merci pour les dvavoy

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