15 Minutes Skin Whitening Foaming Facial Bleach || Get Fairer & Tighter Skin || 100% Natural

15 Minutes Skin Whitening Foaming Facial Bleach || Get Fairer & Tighter Skin || 100% Natural

How to Do Facial Bleach At Home. 15 Minutes Skin Whitening Foaming Facial Bleach. Get Fairer & Tighter Skin. 100% Natural & Effective.

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Ingredients :

Egg White (1 tbsp) + Lime Juice (1 tsp) + Baking Soda (a pinch) + Honey (1 tsp) + Corn Flour (1 tbsp)

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28 thoughts on “15 Minutes Skin Whitening Foaming Facial Bleach || Get Fairer & Tighter Skin || 100% Natural”
tuba zahra says:

Can we store this mixture for a week



Very disgusting remedy plz don't try

Rajesh S says:

I think it's not permenant because your right hand is still colourless when you apply it only your hand is white why it is not permenant

it really works wonders..instantly… thanks a lot…

Frozen World says:

When u make ur left hand" white "with this remidy ur right hand will be black,and then u make it white too ,ur previous left hand will be black again 😁😁😁

Bruh I literally have all oof this in my kitchen

Can we keep the remaining quantity in the fridge to use on next day

Leah Doe on FB sells the best lightening products

Poorvaja S says:

But listen when to apply this mixture….
Cause when we apply in morning….so will sun rays will cause any effect in my skin

Poorvaja S says:

Plz…..tell me….

Rosa Geena says:

It's really just amazing .l tried 👌

Can a 13 year girl use this

We can store in fridge

Rina Cedeño says:

no entiendo..por favor escribano en español

You should write what you are putting in

EstherrXD says:

Do I have to use baking powder or soda / flour ?

Can we use it in our feet please reply

It works really good super thank u mam

I don’t find it necessary but I have a question why is it ok for us black people to bleach ourselves but when white people paint this color black🖤it’s a problem

For this I have to go to kitchen secretly and stole all things because my mom is vegetarian and she don't eat egg but I eat so I have to go to buy this 12 rupes's egg then make it or what if is smell and I got caught for secretly try this delicious pastry???!!!

Funfact: Only a few people come back to tell about results even if it works.

Melt says:

Can I substitute corn flour to normal flour?
If not, anyone knows if I can get it in Canada?

haya Khan says:

Can we apply it everyday?

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