101: Learning the Basics of Balayage | Kenra Color

101: Learning the Basics of Balayage | Kenra Color

Balayage service has easily become one of the top requested services in the industry. Being an art form, hair painting gives colorists the opportunity to create beautifully blended end results that look natural and seamless. As an art form, there’s not one way to do it, but today we’ll share our top secrets to creating the PERFECT BALAYAGE end result.

In this video, we’ll cover all the following topics as well as share some PRO tips that will help you master your craft:

– Introduction 00:00
– Consultation – 0:39
– Lightening Product – 2:22
– Sectioning – 2:56
– Application – 4:04
– Toning – 12:29
– Service Pricing – 13:12

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101: Learning the Basics of Balayage | Kenra Color



42 thoughts on “101: Learning the Basics of Balayage | Kenra Color”

I've been dying to get this done but i'm so scared to ruin my hair cause i've dye my hair before and it ruined it. Took me 4 years to fully grow it out and now i have long healthy hair. Although i don't want the highlights to be blonde, i want them to be more like a light brown…

loveheels510 says:

This is the best instruction that I've seen! As a newby to hair dying, I needed the detail…thanks!

dzlove says:

Finally somebody who knows how to pronounce balayage and actually knows what it means. your work is gorgeous.

Thanks I channels have been trying to learn what this colour is and how it's done 😊

WOW Beauty! says:

I love the depth of this education. Thank you!

So uhhh when do you want to get married..

Brittan Jax says:

As a hairstylist I know how long and tedious this process can be! She did an absolutely beautiful job with the techniques and her explanations were flawless. She really hit all the points….even down to pricing! Wonderful job!

Gena Smith says:

This sectioning technique is outstanding. I’m currently sitting with bleach on my head. 😂 Looking good so far. I’ll report back.

Starmane says:

Great and terrible at the same time. The sectioning isn’t clear at all for the top especially. Diagonals going toward the heavier side? What she shows is the high point of the diagonal on the part side of the model. But Kenra answered someone question about it and said the opposite. Anyway I will have to experiment with it either way and I do thank you for the inspiration!

Kyra Bryce says:

For the diagonal partings on the horse shoe section are they only going diagonal in one direction?

Sunya Sayeed says:

I want to get something like that. What is the name of the balyage technique? Is there a technical term for it?


Joseph 221b says:

Great, professional presentation. I have only 2 critiques as a Cosmetology School instructor licensed for 27 years…Those wispy hairs in the front are not called vellus hairs. Vellus hair is usually microscopic and only slightly pigmented if at all. This is the kind of hair on a woman's checks.
Also, proper translation of Balayage is 'Lazy Highlights'….lol

How long did u process her hair ??

Jenny Beck says:

Wow! She is super talented! One off the best I've ever seen!

Khaddka says:

Simply the best ❤️❤️

The video it’s very nice and the explanations are very clear and full of knowledge but end result it’s not nice at all. It doesn’t look as a good balayage at all.

Sonia Worley says:

Can’t imagine how you can do this on your own hair, is this tuition for pro hairdressers?

Rima Ganguli says:

A question so when u do the entire hair you dont cover the below right … its just the top as in just one side of the hair

Buenas noches a donde puedo mandar una donación por las máscaras 🎭 por favor mándame un domicilió para enviarlo

Ilhyeon Kim says:

This is more infomation about hairstylist of Sylvain le Hen from Paris
💥 Hit the link for the video – https://youtu.be/BwincWKn_no

Bad Liar says:

Really informative. Although my expectations from my salon has reached its peak, I'm having second thoughts abt getting it done now😂😂

Zi t says:

Nice! 👍🏻

Mandy says:

this model looks so familiar

Diane Thomas says:

Where did you get your belt

Baazigar says:

Very beautiful and helpful video. ❤❤

Sarah Bea says:

I‘m screaming at my phone right now. I asked for a balayage from brown to mid-grey (so there was no need to have super bleached hair) and brought an inspiration photo with me. However, I have zero experience with dyeing hair or different techniques and the consultation had me believe that my hairdresser knew what I wanted. I left with weird highlights in blue, purple and pink (“it will wash out”). Needless to say, I‘ll be back there in a few days and pray that they are able to fix it. The colours do wash out but it’s still a damn mess.
Thank you for the video, it provided a few very interesting details for me to “make my case” when I go back to the salon.

Please tell me full-form of SV and VP
what is meaning of SV and VP?

J B says:

I don’t see a difference

Hermoso trabajo…. pero tengo una pregunta puedo usar esa técnica y cardar o no me daría un resultado óptimo ?

Great tutorial! Would you avoid doing any balayage on the very top layer of hair if the client demands it? she still has some damage on just the very top layer and insists on not touching it with lightener at all, although I think it would not really damage it much further ( she has a level 6 with a bit of 5 on top.) and wants to achieve an overall dark golden ashy blonde balayage. Many thanks for your advice on this!

Dawn Bradley says:

This is so gorgeous!!!! Love the technique

You remind me of Brad Mondo ❤️
(Take it as a compliment, I love him!)

Did you process it under a dryer or heat lamp? Thanks

I saw about 50 video and suddenly I saw your video and after watching this video I felt like this is the answer to all my questions❤

Jay Bee says:

Great video! Thank you it very helpful.❤

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