101: Curling Hair | Kenra Professional

101: Curling Hair | Kenra Professional

In this video, you’ll learn all the basics of curling hair. We’ll walk you through all the following topics:

Types of curling irons (marcel iron vs. spring iron vs. wand iron) 1:01
Prep: 3:26
Curl comparison: 4:21
Technique #1, Traditional curl: 7:22
Technique #2, Beach wave: 8:46
Technique #3, Volume wave: 11:25
Finishing: Instagram ready waves: 13:39

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Watch 101 Balayage tutorial here: https://youtu.be/rgs3jX91tC0

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101: Curling Hair | Kenra Professional

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8 thoughts on “101: Curling Hair | Kenra Professional”
Alexis Bybel says:

Which curling technique did you use on the model in your voluminous blowout video? Thank you for making this excellent video!

I’m obsessed with this channel! The results are always so beautiful

Wendy Warren says:

Such a shame that you're blocking your working hand during the marcel tutorial.

TK Naturals says:

Very helpful video thank you

Thank you so much!!

Ira Williams says:

cant see the end result cause of the ads blocking the screen

Sacred Rose says:

Is it better for a non professional to use a. Clip iron ? Is it harder to
Use a marcel?

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