10 Minutes Glowing Skin Challenge

10 Minutes Glowing Skin Challenge

Today in this video, I will share one quick treatment that will rejuvenate your dull skin instantly.

This 10 minute treatment, will remove dead skin build-up from your upper layer. In this treatment, I have used ingredients that are rich in vitamin C and will make your skin naturally brighter #skincare #glowpink



12 thoughts on “10 Minutes Glowing Skin Challenge”
vai krish says:

Can you give a solution for acne oily skin?

Glow Up Soul says:

Oil cleansing is really essential

asif shama says:

which serums. ..names plz

Aliya Butt says:

Licorice ??? Urdr plzzz

Nids Inham says:

Wat is earth powder

Rani Khan says:

Very nice ur all vedio i try.

Mishbah Aziz says:

Suggest me some good cleansing oil?

I've heard niacinamide & vitamin C should not be used together, is it true??

Anita Singh says:

For removal pigmentation by pink glow

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